amo CRM.

Sales department management system

What is amoCRM?

Sales monitoring system

amoCRM is a cloud program that does not need to be installed on the employee's computer. An intuitive and easy-to-use customer and sales monitoring system that allows you to store all your data on a single platform, have permanent control over the most important tasks and increase the number of sales. The platform allows you to save any type of information about new and permanent customers: legal details, address and telephone numbers, e-mail address.

Who needs amoCRM?

Small business

amoCRM has a special option -"Startup", which provides you with high and fast income by automating the processes.

Medium business

Our amoCRM system for medium-sized enterprises,by simplifying the management process saves time, resources and money,the most important things for a growing company.

Big business

The development of big companies through amoCRM is guaranteed due to the possibility of customizing the platform according to the needs of your business.

Advantages of implementing amoCRM systems

Simple interface

The amoCRM system interface is intuitive and does not require training or time for adaptation.

Automatic registration of orders

amoCRM automatically captures all customer requests ,regardless of the source of the application.

Sales Automation

Customers will receive personalized ads and notifications, and you will be able to analyze their reaction.

The telephony

amoCRM can be integrated with over 100 mobile operators. The program allows you to call the custumer by a single click directly from his card, all phone conversations are recorded and available for listening and downloading.

Full Integration with messaging apps

Whether you receive a request via email, on-site chat or on social media, all messages are automatically redirected to the amoCRM system.

Available on mobile devices

Available for iOS and Android, amoCRM is always at your fingertips when needed.

How much does a amoCRM system cost?

The cost of a amoCRM system depends on the subscription and the chosen package..Find more about the prices for amoCRM systems by downloading the price-list.
Download the price-list
Frequently asked questions about amoCRM
How to connect amoCRM?
In order to integrate your website with amoCRM, go to the "Transactions" module, find "Settings" tab and click "Add a new source" button. After that, the builder of the application form embedded in amoCRM will open.
How to change the user in amoCRM?
IIn order to change the user you have to go to the "Settings", "Users" section ,click the username you need and the "Save" button after you have made the changes.
How to activate a user in amoCRM?
A user can be activated only by an account administrator (any, if there are several). You have to access “Settings” page , “Rights and users” section, select the desired deactivated user, put a checkmark in front of “Activity” and save.
What is an amoCRM subdomain?
The amoCRM subdomain is a special web address for your account, which will be indicated in the address bar before
How to connect my email to amoCRM?
In order to connect your e-mail to amoCRM you have to acces the section e-mail ,click More" (in the upper right corner) and fill in with your e-mail adress.
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