Customer relationship management system

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management

The definition or the abbreviation of CRM is known as Customer Relationship Management, namely «managing the relationship with clients ». CRM by automating the processes helps building a better conversation with the custumer,preventing any mistakes ,so he could buy more.

Who needs CRM?

Small business

CRM system for small businesses is an excellent solution that allows you to automate a small business and free up resources for its further development.

Medium business

CRM system for medium-sized businesses will help to automate previously unplanned tasks as well as to systematize the customer base for further expansion of the company.

Big business

Thanks to our CRM-system for large businesses, you will have at your fingertips the technology for the prompt collection and processing of statistical data and, based on the information received, you will be able to make the right management decisions.

Advantages of implementing CRM systems

Reduce costs

Automation and standardized business processes reduce costs by eliminating a lot of routine and manual steps.

Improve the quality of service / product

By using a CRM approach, the company prioritizes customer relationships, which allows you to get more feedback. And due to this feedback, you can seriously increase the quality of your services or your product.

Improve the organization management process

The use of automation tools helps to monitor and manage employees. With the help of CRM technologies, you can get data on the effectiveness of each of your seller.

Increase customer loyalty

All customer information is collected and stored in a database that is accessible to all employees of the sales department. In this way, we can meet the needs of the client and at the same time preserve his precious nerve cells when communicating with the sellers.

Increase the number of clients

By receiving loyal customers, you can be sure that they will bring their friends or partners to you. This way of attracting customers is much better than others in terms of price / quality.

Increase sales

By attracting new custumers,the number of sales also grows,and an increase in the loyalty of existing customers leads to repeated sales.

How much does a CRM system cost?

The cost of developing a custom CRM system depends on the modules to be included in it. Required modules for most business CRM systems include:sales, marketing and support service.Find more about the prices for CRM systems by downloading the price-list.
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Frequently asked questions about CRM
What is CRM for?
Customer relationship management system CRM is an software application designed to automate customer interaction processes. It is implemented to increase sales or optimize marketing work, as well as to build or improve current business processes with subsequent analysis of the results.
What industries is a CRM system suitable for?
CRM combines simplicity and flexibility of settings at the level of objects, rules or processes of the system. In the basic solution, in addition to ready-made modules, you get a kit that allows you to change the system "for yourself" both independently and with the help of external specialists. CRM can be customized for the business tasks of any industry, and it can also be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of the company.
How do I know that CRM will be useful for my business?
The principal purpose of the CRM system is the automation of business processes (including marketing campaigns), and it is also a tool for running transactions. You can improve the quality of your service without attracting additional staff, and get the opportunity to better monitor the performance of employees and the company as a whole.
How long does it take to learn to work with CRM?
The intuitive understandable interface and interaction logic make the system easy to use. In addition, we provide as much detail as possible about the operation of the system before buying (renting), and our certified consultants are always ready to train you.
Can you work with CRM via a smartphone?
The mobile application provides all the functionality of a desktop system and allows you to work from anywhere in the world.
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