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On popular systems OpenCart, Magento and Wordpress Woocommerce.
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Creation of online-shops with a convenient and understandable catalog, an informative product card, a basket and all the main attributes of online stores.The unique responsive design allows you to comfortably visit the site on any mobile device.

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Developed online-shops
Deco Room

Deco Room is an online store with a beautiful and light design.


Features ofonline-shops

Mobile design

We use adaptive design and mobile technologies to make websites look great on every device.

Warranty support

We provide warranty and post-warranty support for our clients' projects.


We use only original paid content - fonts, images, themes and modules.

SEO ready

We optimize sites using SEO technologies, thereby making website promotion even faster.

Content management system

Content management system of CMS-website.


We always provide our client with a real estimate of the timing and strictly monitor it.

The nuances of developing online-shops
Why is it worth ordering a turnkey online shop
For an online store to really sell and attract customers, it must be convenient, thoughtful and truly functional. Even promotion won't help a poorly designed project. That is why the creation of online stores should be entrusted to a professional web studio.
Features of online shops
The creation process of an online shop begins with defining the concept of the site. The development of an online store is carried out taking into account the specifics of the audience and the market.
How much does it cost
The cost of creating an online shop depends on the size of the project. Creating a small online shop will cost less than an online store with a large catalog. In any case, developing an online store and filling it with goods is a long process.

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