Development of a turnkey corporate website

A website for corporate clients - is an individual solution with a unique design and functionality of a medium and high complexity. Usually, corporate websites have a catalog of services or goods with all kinds of feedback forms.

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1-2 months
Implementation period
Adaptive design
Adaptive layout for all your devices

Development of a corporate website

"A fur coat protects a woman from the cold of the outside world, warming up the inside" - the motto of the Furor company.


YORK-REFRIGERENT is a corporate site with a special design that conveys "cold", which reflects the activities of the company.


Features of corporate websites

Mobile design

We use adaptive design and mobile technologies to make websites look great on every device.

Warranty support

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our clients' projects.


We use only original paid content - fonts, images, themes and modules.

SEO ready

We optimize sites by using SEO technologies for a faster promotion.

Content management system

Content management system of CMS-website.


We always provide our client with a real estimate of the timing and strictly monitor it.

Nuances of developing corporate websites
Features of corporate websites
Website creation begins with defining the concept of the website. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that sells anything well. Website development is carried out taking into account the specifics of the audience and the market.
How much does it cost
The cost a corporate website depends on the size of the project. In any case, the development of a corporate website and filling it with information is a long process.
What is included in the price
The cost of developing a corporate website depends on the characteristics of the company and the tasks facing it. Specialists are working on creating large and solid corporate portals. Such projects are not launched immediately on the Internet. Of course, these are websites that have been built on a turnkey basis. Qualified employees are required for the high-quality development of such projects.

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