What works in SEO in 2021? Marketing Monster Survey Results

Published :2021-05-13 | Blog
What works in SEO in 2021? Marketing Monster Survey Results


Major UK marketing agency Zazzle Media has released its new "The state of SEO 2021" report. To prepare it, a large survey among company's marketers was held  (70% of respondents) and marketing agencies (the remaining 30%).

Opinions were collected, including experts from Disney, MoneySuperMarket, RAC, Oxfam, AO.com, Lastminute and other serious companies. "Texterra" examined the results of the survey  and made a squeeze out of it for its readers.


As it turns out, marketers believe search system optimization is more important today than ever before. But paradoxically, less money is spent on SEO - only 22% of marketing investments.

Search engine optimization was considered effective by 85% of marketers (versus 79% in 2020). And as the main reason for low SEO costs, 61% of those surveyed named lack of marketing budgets.

70% of marketers confidently stated that the effect of search engine optimization on business is measurable. They were asked, "How easy is it for you to adapt to changing search algorithms?" The answers were distributed as follows:


  • 41% - “not easy”;
  • 10% - "difficult";
  • 35% - "easy";
  • 12% - “very easy”.


What's Really Effective in SEO Today?


The entire ranking of SEO tools that work well in 2019 looks like this:

«Насыщение ключевыми словами» и «точное вхождение» плетутся в хвосте


It's funny that 1% of marketers felt that no SEO tools at all were ineffective. In general, the well-known formula "Content is king", proposed back in 1996 by Bill Gates, is confirmed.


Years passed, search engines got smarter, content marketing started working to its fullest, and Gates' words came true triumphantly.

Interesting what the world's top marketers think about SEO goals in 2021. When they have been asked what they are trying to achieve with their efforts, most of the answers were distributed as follows:

  • 40% - "traffic";
  • 31% - "conversions / sales";
  • 12% - "high ranking in search engines";
  • 9% - “brand awareness”;
  • 4% - "revenue".

The authors of the Zazzle Media study note that getting good traffic is an important goal.


At the conclusion of the report, the authors stated, "Content continues to be appreciated and we hope more marketers will test and embrace new formats of good content next year."


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