Development trends in 2021
Published :2021-08-30 | Blog
Development trends in 2021

Web Development 2021: What's New?

The attention of programmers around the world is now on Rust. And for a reason. It is backed by giants such as Intel, Facebook and Microsoft. The latter is even considering introducing this programming language, so many promise Rust that he will soon dominate the industry. However, Go, Kotlin, Swift and TypeScript keep up with this. All of these modern programming languages ​​are rapidly replacing their predecessors in Olympus IT.

Artificial intelligence continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Already last year, there were several major discoveries associated with it. For example, the US Air Force used AI as a co-pilot to control the aircraft, and the Guardian published an essay article written by AI using natural language. It's just the begining. Many other amazing artificial intelligence innovations are forecast in 2021. AI is expected to become the centerpiece of China's digital infrastructure in the near future. In web development, this will mainly affect chatbots. They will become more sophisticated and reliable. AI-based virtual assistants will increasingly replace regular managers.

 What are the main trends of web development in 2021?

If we talk about frontend development trends in 2021, then they are quite clear. In general, all events are related to the digital transformation, whose pace has accelerated considerably due to the global pandemic. In 2021, the changes will only intensify. And I talk about it at all IT conferences. And what technologies are worth paying attention to, read on.

Progressive Application Development (PWA)

This technology is actively gaining momentum and will not retreat. According to research, PWAs have 36% higher conversion rates than native applications. About 65% of online purchases on websites are made from mobile devices. Users around the world welcome this technology. It allows them to comfortably view their favorite web resources on a selected topic in a mobile format, without the need to download additional software.

For business, PWA is also beneficial because it allows you to:

  • reduces development and support costs;

  • areaches the market faster;

  • trouble-free service and updating.


Everyone is happy, which means that technology will improve.

 AI-powered chatbots

As already mentioned, nowhere without them. They actively populate web pages, attract users and provide them with all the information they need. And they will be assigned more and more functions, given the significant progress in artificial intelligence technologies.

The availability of virtual assistants ensures a quality service for customers. It solves problems non-stop non-stop and, at the same time, performs in-depth analysis of user behavior, which is very important for any online business.

Single page sites

Fast, comfortable, efficient. This is exactly what one-page web resources are. Their popularity is growing and they seem to be gaining momentum. Users do not want to wait for pages to load in search of the information they need. It is more convenient for them to scroll down to find out quickly and comfortably what they need.


In addition, one-page pages are easier and cheaper to create, easy to maintain and manage. Yes, and in terms of marketing, they are much more effective and guarantee high conversions. The "one site, one product" approach has proven to be effective.

 Voice search

Forecasts show that in 2021 more than half of all gadgets will hear and execute voice commands. Users around the world prefer to spend less time typing. Moreover, technologies will appear that will help to recognize the voices of different people and, based on them, will offer everyone a personalized experience.

Therefore, optimizing digital products for voice search is one of the top priorities this year. Without it, you will not be able to run a successful online business.

Serverless technology

The search for an opportunity to avoid system overload and data loss has led to a technology in which conventional servers are replaced by clouds that manage the resource consumption of the machine.

Serverless architecture can help reduce development budgets, eliminate the need to protect operating systems, and eliminate performance bottlenecks due to insufficient resources. It is most relevant for chat robots, applications, and other IT products that require the processing of complex server requests.

Cloud computing offers many advantages for online projects:


  • increased scalability;

  • faster time on the market;

  • profitability;

  • delegated service.

Motion Design

A beautiful animation attracts the attention of users, so it is used more and more when creating websites. The fight for public attention is not over, it's just getting better. The success of any web product depends on its attractiveness, and here the aesthetics of design come to the fore. This is no longer a matter of engineering, but of a marketing strategy. According to research, you only have 15 seconds to attract the attention of a site visitor.


To gain visual appeal, the Motion UI approach is used most actively. Thanks to the animated elements, it makes web resources more intuitive and easier to understand. Overall, in 2021, web design is focused on movement as an effective tool for attracting attention.

 Cyber ​​security

It is always important, but every year its relevance increases, and the reason is the total automation of operations using devices connected to the Internet. Online payments, buying tickets, paying taxes, setting up smart homes - all these processes involve the risk of identity theft.

We should expect the emergence of new technologies and, first of all, the development of algorithms to protect users from phishing attacks. The cybersecurity market will continue to evolve and you should keep your finger on all the innovations.

Instead of a conclusion

Mobile development trends in 2021 are driving changes in the way companies and customers interact. Most of them are aimed at increasing user involvement. The competition on the world wide web is incredibly high. There are an estimated 1.8 billion websites on the Internet today. Of course, most users will never visit many of them. Therefore, the fight for customer attention is getting tougher.

Improving the user experience remains at the heart of web development. And here we can not do with the use of a single technology. You need to involve several ways at once:

  • se chat robots for self-service;

  • offers a faster page load speed;

  • create an attractive look of the site;

  • provide the resource with unique useful content.

In addition, there are other trends such as blockchain, push notifications, IoT, AMP. All these are important, and their application depends on the current business objectives and the needs of the project.


To take full advantage of current web development trends, it is worthwhile to involve experienced professionals with a solid portfolio in their implementation. And it's always easy to find such developers on the freelance Weblancer!


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