The selling text and its importance
Published :2021-03-15 | Blog
The selling text and its importance

Advertising, like any other information, should be useful. Instead, marketers and inexperienced copywriters create torn-eyed material that makes you want to close the tab with a link, click the red button on the remote control, or switch the radio to a different wavelength, just so as not to boggle your head with unnecessary information.


"Why do I need it?"

We wrap the product or service in a golden wrapper. For this we use sophisticated adjectives. For example, a sturdy bumper or a huge TV. Will you hit the coveted buy button after reading the tasty description? Most probably not. Tip: put yourself in the shoes of the buyer, imbued with the problem that is facing him. At this moment, a person is faced with a choice: make a deal right now or look for a better offer.

Benefit is a psychological lever that can seduce a buyer to your side, even if the price differs from competitors by 5-10 and 20%.


Let's say you buy a computer:

  1. the performance of this model is 30% more than that of last year's new products. The Windows operating system boots in 30 seconds, instead of 1 minute and 56 seconds.
  2. completely silent: you play or work, even if someone is sleeping;
  3. In 5 minutes, renders the processed video 1-2 minutes long.

At first glance, everything is simple, but novice copywriters do not stop making mistakes. Learn to distinguish the main characteristics of a service, product from the benefits that the client will receive, and the text will become 50% more effective.


The result is more valuable than money


The Internet is saturated with information. Someone knows how to filter it, and someone eats all the "noodles" without even realizing it. Why do people attend paid classes? It is correct to achieve a positive result: learn something, learn something useful for yourself, increase self-esteem, income or save time. Everyone has their own reasons, but the goal is the same - the final result.

Imagine that you don't know how to drive a car. The comrade sits down next to him and says "Drive!" The process has started, but we are worried about the result. He explains the theory. Introduces the gearbox, tells what the clutch is, where the gas and brake are located. Elementary, it teaches you how to start the car so that you do not burn the starter. Even this will not be enough for you to be enrolled in the ranks of drivers, but they will get under way, you will be able to drive a few meters, and this is the result.

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