How to create an online store.
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How to create an online store.

Open your online store:

According to, the e-commerce market will reach $ 4 billion in 2020. This is 900 million more than in 2019. By 2024, it is estimated to grow to $ 6.338 billion.

Online stores occupy a significant part of this market. The Crown Crisis of 2020 has aroused interest. Even the business, which considered itself only "offline", has urgently begun to move to the global Internet. Everyone opens online stores.

Therefore, today we will discuss how to open your online store - step by step.

Is it easy to open an online store?

From the outside, it seems that launching a new online store is a complex process that requires technical training, the work of a designer and other specialists.

Yes, you can „confuse”, create a complete online store from scratch. Or, due to the growing popularity of online stores, it is possible to use a layer of ready-made solutions: from software to a logistics network.

Today, anyone can create an online store and start an e-commerce business.

The technical part is the easiest to solve. However, it is worth knowing in advance some of the pitfalls of other stages.

It's easy to open an online store from scratch: step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions and practical tips for those who have decided to easily open their own online store.


  •  Selecting a niche + target audience for those who have decided to open an online store

     Start by asking: what will you sell? The choice is huge:

    • Clothing and footwear

    • Electronics

    • Books and stationery

    • Informative goods

    • Education

    • Services of your company and third-party specialists

    • Construction materials

    • Perfumery

    • Medications

    • A lot more

    Who you sell to plays an important role:

    • For men

    • For woman

    • For pregnant women

    • For the elderly

    • For low-income people

    • With average income

    • Only for billionaires

    • Citizens of their country

    • in the CIS countries

    • European Union

    • United States of America

    • Worldwide

    Given these factors, it is possible to choose an interesting product / field of work for an online store.

    The type of product determines the specifics of logistics (physical goods, electronics), the need for a license (sale of alcohol, drugs), suppliers (local, international, dropshipping)

    The requirements for the quality and price of the product depend on the public. If the customers of the online store you intend to open are all over the world, then the question is to ensure fast delivery, to accept payments from abroad.

    Once you make sure that there is a demand for the product, you can open an online store and start sales.

    If your product is unique, but you are sure it will be on demand, then get ready for advertising, work on social media. Explain to the customer that they really need your product / service.

    Where do the goods / services in the online store come from?

    Before selling a product, you need to find out who will supply it to you. There are several options:

    • Independent production & ndash; factory, workshop, artist

    • Independent provision of services & amp; ndash; consultant, accountant, intermediary in opening a foreign bank account, IT product

    • Selling someone else's services & ndash; agency agreement, market

    • Selling property to others & amp; ndash; through a wholesale supplier, through dropshipping

    • Print on demand & ndash; print on demand & amp; ndash; suitable for books, souvenirs, goods, other areas

      If you are a manufacturer, make sure there are good product views, clear descriptions.

      When working with external suppliers, make sure the quality of goods / services, deadlines and reputation. Check prices & ndash; you still have to make an increase.

      Make a set of commodities. After that, you can move on.

      Online shopping as a business

      Many newcomers to the online store market believe that you can easily open a store, upload products to it, and start sales. Some even succeed.

      However, it is worth remembering that an online store & ndash; it's a business. This means that they will treat you, unless you sell your own trades, as a business.

      The conclusions are as follows:

      • You need to register a company that will provide legal protection, facilitate the opening of a business account, connect convenient payment methods

      • You need to open an account to receive money from customers, pay for site maintenance, pay salaries (at some point, employees will definitely show up)

      • Conclude contracts for the supply of goods

      • Connect your payment system & ndash; there are aggregators in Russia that accept individuals (self-employed), but in the world they work mainly with legal entities

      • Keep track

      It is worth thinking twice about the company if you intend to work in international markets. Our experience shows that it is possible for individuals to open an account in a foreign bank, but only for personal and non-commercial purposes. And if you start doing e-commerce & ndash; will be blocked.

      In addition, a foreign company allows you to reduce the cost of maintaining your business, to make it easier for customers and banks to understand.

      In some cases, even doing business In Russia it is more profitable with the help of a foreign company. For example, online schools are registered in Hong Kong, Singapore, thanks to which they save fees, use modern infrastructure and have access to the best banks.

      If you decide to import / export, a foreign company (including a classic offshore company) will simplify your work with foreign suppliers. They often trust offshore companies more than Russian companies.

      We recommend that you choose a place that is easy, safe, profitable to open a company, taking into account various factors. Don't keep talking about & bdquo; faster, more familiar, like everyone else &rdquo ;. You have an individual business, personal circumstances.

      It's easy to open your online store and create a website

      When there is a niche, a clear target audience, where to open a company, we proceed directly to the creation of an online store. Here are 4 steps:

      • Domain registration (site address, for example,

      • Website development (hosting + software)

      • Design

      • Loading goods

      The fifth important step was taken as a separate element.

      The domain is registered with special providers. You can select any area: .ru, .com, .info, .house – today there is an extremely wide selection.

      It is recommended that the site name be clear and memorable. The clearer it is for the target audience, the better. It is good if it is related to the topic of services / goods.

      Any site has hosting & ndash; the place where all the data is stored. A website is installed on hosting: a unique development, a ready-made engine, a static page.

      The most popular way to quickly start a business and easily open an online store is – use CMS (Content Management System) with e-commerce modules. Among them, the most famous are:

      • Wordpress

      • Woocommerce

      • PrestoShop

      • Shopify

      Once you have chosen a CMS management system, create a website design. These can be ready-made solutions or individual development.

      After that, when the online store site is open, it's worth uploading products to the system. This is done: automatically, if you have a proper database; In manual mode, if there are few goods and the goods base is inadequate.

      By the way, many online stores support integration with systems such as 1C, Bitrix24 and their counterparts, which makes it easier to maintain reports, manage balances and collaborate with customers. This is especially important when you decide to automate as many processes as possible.

      Accepting payment in the online store

      We should also talk about paying in the online store. Despite the fact that it is possible to pay in cash, this is far from the most convenient way: the customer comes to the office to pay or pay by post after receiving the goods.

      If you issue goods at a retail point of sale, then this option is possible and convenient for the customer. But in the beginning, not everyone can open a physical store / pick-up point.

      It is possible to accept payments by direct bank transfer, but this is convenient if you have a check in hand, which works individually. For example, provide turbines for hydropower plants. If you sell dresses from China, the method will not be convenient for everyone.

      If we talk about international business, then the cash payment disappears, in general, in the background. Payment by cards is at the forefront.

      The money is kept in a merchant account. With a specified frequency, they are withdrawn into a corporate account in a bank / payment system.

      In other words, in order for the client to feel comfortable working with you and to be able to receive income, you will have to open:

      • The corporate account of the company, on which you manage the funds based on the company's objectives (payment for hosting, design services, employee salary)

      • A merchant account that accepts payments from customers (sometimes a merchant account allows you to accept payments not only with a card, but, for example, PayPal, Qiwi, using an internet bank or a mobile operator )

      Please note: each bank, payment system, payment gateway charges a service fee. The most attractive conditions are not always available for young companies.

      Opening a secure account for a foreign company that owns an online store can be more difficult than it seems at first glance. Therefore, the portal experts offer free advice on selecting a foreign account.

      Delivery of goods

      The company is there, the goods are there, the payments have gone & ndash; time for shipment of goods. Delivery, as well as anything else, has its own possibilities:

      • Deliver the goods yourself

      • Use couriers

      • Use the dropshipping service

      • Delegate the supply of goods (for example, the FBA program on Amazon, which allows you to send goods to the company's warehouses - Amazon will do the rest)

      Logistics requires a lot of time and effort, so calculate all the nuances in advance. Especially if the goods cross the borders: customs duties, VAT and other nuances depend to a large extent on a certain state. Creating online stores & ndash; interesting, interesting activity. There are difficulties, there are nuances, as in any other business and with other sales channels.

      However, today, without an online store, it becomes difficult for a business to survive. To get the most out of it, before opening your online store, it's worth considering every step: choosing a niche, a form of company, where to open an account, and how to pay taxes.

      And if you need to choose a niche with a target audience for your online store on your own, then we'll help you register a company and open a bank account. Save time and nerves, get benefits and security.   


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