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Instagram is the absolute leader on the social media advertising market.
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To get visitors on your website, direct sales and PR needs, it's not enough to just start posting photos. In order for the content to stand out in the news feed, make you want to go to the profile, subscribe and make a purchase, you need a professional and comprehensive approach.

  • Attract new subscribers
  • Corectly present your brand in the eyes of the target audience
  • Increase your popularity among target audiences
  •  Create from scratch a platform for running a business, an online shop
  • Increase audience loyalty (more likes, comments, interactions with your account)
  • Set up targeted ads
  • Advertise your account by stars and opinion leaders
Benefits of Instagram promotion
Is my Instagram account at risk while working?

Your Instagram account will be completely safe. We operate in accordance with the official requirements and limits of the social network Instagram and never exceed them. We use only white promotion methods. In addition, your account is promoted through the official Instagram API, which guarantees no risks.

What type of business is suitable for Instagram promotion?

Every day more and more businesses are starting to actively promote on Instagram. Our clients include both construction companies and real estate agencies, as well as people who sell paintings and fashionable men's and women's clothing. In this regard, we can safely say that most businesses are suitable for promoting on Instagram.

I don't have an Instagram account, can you help me in this case?

Sure! In order to help you, we have recorded a detailed training video on the correct creation and design of an Instagram account. In it we explain everything step by step.

Do you need access to my Instagram account?

Yes, in order to start the process of promoting your Instagram account, we need access to it. But this does not compromise the security of your account - at any time you can change the password using the e-mail or the phone associated with the account.

Are you just winding up bots to my account or there are real people who are really interested in it?

We are not cheating with bots, likes and comments. And we strongly advise you not to do this, as it threatens to block your account. We work on the technology of mass following, advertising in thematic communities, advertising with opinion leaders, your target audience is watching, etc. All this allows our clients to get only real subscribers interested in their product.

Can you attract subscribers from a specific area of the city and with specific interests?

Yes, our technology allows you to do this. Our goal is to attract only targeted followers interested in your product, in your Instagram account, since only this approach will allow you to receive leads and sales from Instagram. 

How quickly will be seen the results of promotion ?

You will see the first results of our work already in the first hours of promotion. It will be expressed in new targeted subscribers, likes, sometimes comments.

What methods of Instagram promotion do you use?

When promoting on Instagram, we compose a portrait of your target audience, identify its "habitat" and begin to contact it through mass following, massliking, advertising in thematic communities, advertising from opinion leaders, followed by your target audience, etc. All this allows our clients to receive only real subscribers who are really interested in their product.


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